Our aim is for optimisation through science, to maximise the body’s ability to heal and recover.

Whether your goal is pain relief, fat loss, anti-ageing or general health & wellbeing, our innovative and unique treatments are designed to help your body supercharge the ability to perform optimally.

Backed by a degree in Sports Science, and motivated by a keen interest in health and beauty, our Directors set out to find the best scientifically-proven technologies for the centres. With these technologies, we aim to offer specialised custom treatments to a wide range of clients all with the same goal of optimising the natural ability to Relax, Recover & Rejuvenate.


We cater for a wide range of clients ranging from athletes aiming to maximise performance to someone seeking enhanced pain management to those wanting to help shape their summer body, increase health and wellbeing or just recharge and unplug. We specialise in ensuring each client receives the best possible treatment, or combination of treatments, in a comfortable, stylish facility.

Our clinics have been custom designed and built for each therapy from the ground up. We use industry-leading Cryotherapy equipment from Cryo Science, Float pods from Dream Pod, Normatec Recovery Compression and top of the line Infrared Sauna.

The combination of the best science and equipment, beautiful easy to access purpose-built facilities and friendly, expert technicians offers an experience which is sure to leave you feeling Relaxed, Recovered and Rejuvenated.