By encouraging your body to function optimally, you can both reverse current conditions and enhance the areas that are already functioning well.

Our aim at CryoPlus is to give everyone the tools to assist in their everyday wellbeing. Optimising recovery is the key to good health and will allow you to function at your peak, whether this means having the energy for work or training, sleeping better or being pain-free and vibrant.

We offer a range of therapies that can be used alone or combined to promote optimal health.

Floatation Therapy

Elevate Mood
Increase Creativity
Relieve Stress
Reduce Anxiety
Improve Sleep Quality

Whole Body Cryotherapy

Improve Brain Function
Boost Mood
Increase Focus and Attention
Antioxidant Effect
Improve Sleep

Infrared Sauna

Reduce Stress & Anxiety
Relieve Pain
Stimulate Body
Increase Vitality